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  -  Just a couple rules before you become active on this website. (Cause rules are fun right? No? Ok, but they are good for us!)

  -  Be nice to everyone!!!  Please do not be mean, call any one names, or be rude to anyone!

  -  Absolutely no bad language!!! No matter where, whether in the forums or when messaging others.

  -  You MUST be a girl to be a member! I will delete any guys that try to join.

  -  Most importantly, HAVE FUN!!!!!

  -  I want everyone to enjoy this site and feel safe here.

   I have made this website for girls to hang out and get to know each other while learning more about God. Have ideas for this website? Please tell me. You can message me or use the contact page.

   Thanks for reading :)

     Rebecca Unrau, site owner




Want to share?

So what is happining in your life? You don't have to share everything, or anything, but feel free to share what you want to. Maybe we can help you and encourage you on your Christian walk. I have always wanted is to be able to share my thoughts, feelings, pain, and joy with girls who understand what I'm going through. I want this to be a safe place for us to share what is happening in our lives and to help each other through our struggles.

Recent Prayer Requests

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  • Moving

    We are moving boxes on Monday and unpacking in the next week. We have to make new friends and get use to every thing. We have never moved before